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Jaipur, India, Delhi
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India is a diverse country, with amazingly different cultures, places of interest, history, cuisine and charm. In fact, this country has a lot to offer its tourists and the beauty of traveling through India is in its very diversity. However, if you are still unconvinced, here are some of the main reasons why you should visit India.

• Diversity in culture and beauty: India is a vast country, which means that there are differences in culture as well as natural beauty, wherever you go. The East is completely different from the West, same with the North and the South. Each culture is rich with its own traditions and customs, which can only be experienced and understood by traveling to each wonderful place. Similarly, nature has blessed different parts of India differently. Mountains, seas, forests, whatever you seek, you will find it in this one country and each different from the other, which makes it an extremely wonderful experience for a tourist.

• History and Monuments: Travelers from the world over come to India for its various monuments, each rich with its own history. Not only is it architecturally beautiful and exquisite but there is beauty in the history surrounding it, which makes India a truly popular destination; even if you are not a history buff. Whether it is the Taj Mahal or the temples of Khajuraho or the wonderful temple ruins of Mahabalipuram, you will find something that is an intrinsic part of Indian History.

• Religion and Spirituality: Another very important reason to visit India is for the peace that you get from the spiritual aspects of Yoga and meditation. If rest and recuperation is your need of the hour, there is no better place than India to ensure you get the best. The Ayurvedic spa treatment centers, the holistic healing centers etc all deal with ensuring that you enjoy a blissful holiday.

Finally, the cuisine in India is unimaginable. Gastronomically exquisite and as varied as the cultures that reside in the country, the cuisine is definitely something that you should experience first hand

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