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Datong Local Customs

Celebrations for the New Born
  After a child is born, the grandfather and grandmother present gifts, such as clothes and bedding, especially for the first child. About 12 days later, relatives and friends visit the mother and present gifts like brown sugar and vermicelli noodles to honor the newborn. .During pregnancy, strangers are not allowed to enter the house .In the window to indicate that there is someone pregnant living there and warn people away. The parents usually hold a celebration for the first month or first hundred days of a baby′s life and friends and relatives are invited to a party.
  Birthdays Celebration
  In Datong ,when someone has a birthday, the whole family eats noodles to celebrate longevity and hence the name of “longevity noodles.” the custom is generally popular among old people and in the urban areas.
  In a Chinese wedding feast ,the guests ask the bride and groom difficult questions as part of the merrymaking. The bride and groom present candy to guests and guests give gifts to them. After three days, the bride and groom go to the bride′s parents′ home to visit .
  In the urban areas ,the deceased are cremated after relatives and friends mourn their death,and the descendants usually wear black arm bands for a period of time. In the countryside, the deceased are mostly kept in coffins and buried and their descendants wear white clothes to mourn them.