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Impression Pingyao

<<Impression Pingyao>>" describes a heritage, life and growth in nature: the story of the late Qing Dynasty, the Pingyao County club Zhao Yishuo arrived as the property exchange, from Russia and back to a semicolon blood Wang Zhanggui. With 232 biaoshi go public security. Seven years later, Zhao Dongjia himself with 232 biaoshi all died on the way, while the royal blood continuity.

The performance by the "wife", "biaoshi bath", "soul home" and "show" segment, highlights the Pingyao people's moral tradition, and because of the traditional and the elucidation of the tragic feelings. A feature is valuable, Pingyao is in the moral spirit of folk, historical facts presented based on highly purified, such as "farewell", "choose a wife". At the same time, about the visual form is not only rich in literature, more profound, the symbolic meaning of the means to express. Such as: the positive performance of biaoshi's death, and the city wall of the ghost to show biaoshi's spirit and soul, which is very creative, very literary conception. These fragments not only impact the feelings of the audience, let the audience to remember those characters, but also reflects the creator's philosophy.

With the previous "impression" series of live performance are very different, "Pingyao" and see the original breakthrough using the real landscape scenery, but moved to the interior, and the ancient city's elements and performance together organically. The labyrinth theatre has complicated spatial segmentation, completely different from the traditional theater: walk through several different forms of theme space in 90 minutes, the audience can pick up the ancestors of fragments of life: the end of the Qing Pingyao City escort, Zhao courtyard, street, South Gate Plaza, from the numerous pieces of PEEP story clue...... Look at the real performance was like a "through" the audience, sometimes like spectators, sometimes like a witness.

The live performance is a new attempt, in this regard, Wang Chaoge believes that the "impression" series is a live performance, from the "impression" to the "impression of Lijiang" to "West Lake impression", are based on the landscape as the core, from the creation of live performance for 10 years now, an artist should never be afraid to take a step further. "Outdoor in the north is not suitable for everyone, the frozen winter landscape of Pingyao County is not big enough, is completely, its character of humanity, so I want to art reproduction words, not to close it, but slightly out of a point, praise it in the periphery, so to build a large theater here."