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Hanging Temple in Datong

Hanging Temple, hanging in the Datong Hengshan Mt. Hengshan Golden Dragon Gorge West of Cuiping peak half cliff cliff, built in Northern Wei Wo 15 years (AD 491 years). Founded early, the top three of the hall 90 meters from the ground, because over the years the riverbed is only 58 meters. 1957 listed as key cultural relics protection units in Shanxi Province, in 1982, included in the national key cultural relics protection units. The whole temple, set on the cliffs, overlooking the valley, according to rock back niche, the west is the gate of the temple to the south. The whole temple wooden frame structure, in accordance with the principle of mechanics, semi plug beam as the base, Qiao asked by dark rock, one on top of the beam column, the gallery tight around the field. Only 152.5 square meters of area, built  40 small rooms .