Yungang Grottoes Tours – Datong, Shanxi Province, China

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Yungang Grottoes


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Yungang Zhen, China, Shanxi Province, Datong
Hours : 8.30am--5.20pm 15th Apr-27th Oct, 8.30am--5.00pm 28th Oct-14th Apr.

About this place

​Yungang Grottoes ,carved in A.D.460 ,1500 years ago,are a treasure house of art as famous as the

Ajanta Grottoes of India and the mammoth Buddha sculptures at Bamyan in Afghanistan.The Yungang

Grottoes were carved on the face of a low ridge ,stretching one kilometer from east to west;they

contain 254 miches and some 51,000 statures. Yungang is one of the most extensive grottoes in

China. In 2001, is was listed as one of UNESCO's "World Cultural Heritage"sites.

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Re: Yungang Grottoes

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Yungang Grottoes,represents outstanding Chinese Buddhist Grottoes Art during the 5th and 6th century with 51,000 Buddhist statues in 252 grottoes.
Re: Yungang Grottoes

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That was 1500 years ago.It is valuable cultural heritage of China. Nowadays protected by UNESCO.

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