Yanmenguan Pass of Great Wall Tours – Datong, Shanxi Province, China

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Yanmenguan Pass of Great Wall


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About this place

Yan means 'wild goose' in English, and was so-named because wild geese are seen flying around the pass every year. Early in the Spring and Autumn Period (770 BC - 476 BC), King Wuling of Zhao established Yanmen County in this region. The Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) built a pass called Xiting Pass by Yanmen Mountain, west of the present l ocation. In the year 1374 during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644),

How to get there :

By Car: exit from 'Xinguangwu’ Exit/ Entrance of Dayun Freeway and then travel southward about 7-8 kilometers to ge there;
By Bus: take a bus running from Daixian County to Datong, get off at Yanmenguan and then walk about 2 kilometers to get there;
By Taxi: about CNY 100 from Daixian County to get there by taxi.

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Wow, the pice of entrance ticket  is more expensive than Beijing Great Wall .

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