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Tie-dyed Cloth In Dali

                                Tie-dyed Cloth

It is also a traditional product of the Bais in Zhoucheng Village.The process of making this kind of cloth is like this:First,the villagers fold and tie white cloth by hand in the patterns of the Eight Diagrams(bagua),butterflies,the Three pagodas with their reflections and plum flowers,ets.and hen dye the piedes of cloth for more than 10 times in indigo-blue water(both imported indigo-blue and local made indigo-blue are used),and finally,hang them up in the open air to dry and untie the nods and spread them out,Now,you'll see the patterns of white and blue prints on the cloth.The characteristic of the tie-dyed cloth is simple in style but the colour sustains,window ans door curtains,table cloth,wall hangings,souvenir bags and handkerchiefs,which are applauded warmly in both domestic and foreign markets.