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Shaxi old town -- a Gem hid on the mountain

Shaxi old town is located  in the valley between Lijiang and Dali,  It's a beautiful Gem hid on the mountain. It is known as the last best preserved old town on the ancient Tea & horse road.
The old town equipped with all necessary functions:
1. Old square market for tea and salt business
2. Old theater for entertainment (Still used even nowadays)
3. Hotel for horse man and caravan
4.Shops in both side in the alley
1. Suggest travellers to stay at shaxi for one night, So you will have enough time to enjoy the cozy time at the old town.  meanwhile Dont's miss a visit to the famous shibaoshan mountain, there are many nice rute of hiking and Many old temple and buddism grotto hiden on the mountain.
2.Remember to bring a good camara with you, there are many photography opportunities around Shaxi.
3. There are nice cafe and resturants near the square markets,  Enjoy your time at  shaxi old town.