Ximatan (Horse-bathing) Pond on Cangshan Mountain Tours – Dali, Yunnan Province, China

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Ximatan (Horse-bathing) Pond on Cangshan Mountain


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Cangshan Mountain in Dali, China, Yunnan Province, Dali
Hours : 9:00 am- 5:00 pm, weather permits

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The Ximatan(Horse-bathing) Pond on Cangshan Mountain


Cangshan is not a single mountain but a range of mountains, stretching for 40 kilometers. There are all in total 19 peaks constitute Cangshan Mountain. There are three ways to explore Cangshang Mountain:

1. Gantong Ropeway, which will take you to halfway up the mountain. 

2.  Ximatan Ropeway, also known as "Big Ropeway". This ropeway is relatively new and expansive, but totally worth it. One-way ropeway takes 50 minutes during which you can see the drastic changes of the plantation. The highest elevation you can reach is 3920 meters, where the Ximatan Pond is located. The temperature drops so greatly on the mountain top that we can even enjoy snow scenery there. Strongly recommended!

3. Hiking a bit.


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