Dali Ancient City Tours – Dali, Yunnan Province, China

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Dali Ancient City

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About this place

Dali old town was found about 1200 years ago. There are four wall gates and surrounded by wall in all direction. Dali lives Bai minority. The old town remains lots of Bai's old houses.

Dali Ancient City is 13 kilometers (8.1 miles) away from Xiaguan in Dali City, Yunnan Province.

It's one of the 'Three Ancients' (Ancient Cities, Ancient Pagodas and Ancient Steles) of the Dali Scenic Spot.

With Erhai Lake to the east, and Cangshan Mountain to the west, its grand city wall, traditional Bai ethnic minority folk houses and marvelous scenery have been attracting many visitors.

The traditional Bai ethnic minority folk houses give the city distinctive feel, unlike any other Chinese city.

A typical house is characterized by '3 rooms and a wall screening' and '4 joints and 5 courtyards'. '3 rooms and a wall screening' means that every house has a principle room and two wing-rooms and facing the principle room stands the wall screening.

The Foreigner Street, When people walk along the cobble-paved streets in the ancient city, a sense of primitive simplicity and elegance will be invoked.

Besides the Bai ethnic minority traditional folk houses, the houses all with grey-green roof tiles, peculiar workshops, temples, schools and churches with an antique flavor are scattered.

NO.4/8 Bus from Xiaguan to there.

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Re: Dali Ancient City

By Nancy Magic Tour,

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<p>The streets in the old town are the chessboard layout typical, there are some old alleys, also can find the old style, garden flowers and trees, singing sound, outdoor water gurgling stream drainage. "Three a well, a few flowers" the picture is still.</p>
Re: Dali Ancient City

By Gedeon,

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<p>Very beautiful village and go out for a drink after dinner!</p>
<p>It was a fantastic trip,i cant forget those days spent there.</p>
Dream land to me.

By zengzeng,

Join me, to see a different Nanjing!

<p>No cars, no tall buildings, no pushed around, it`s a wonderful place to rest your heart from the busy modern life.</p>

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