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Sun Village (Caring for prisoners' kids)


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Sun village. Banqian village, ZhaoQuanying town Shunyi district Beijing city China, Beijing, China
Hours : 9;00am---17:00pm

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I went there yesterday with friends. 

We were eating dumpling together, the dumplings were given by all "loving heart" people for new year!!

What is Sun Village?

  Over 150 children between the ages of four months and 18 years old are now living in the Beijing Sun Village Research Institute for Helping Special Children, or Beijing Experimental Children’s Village. it was formally established in Banqiao, Shunyi District in December 2000. It raises its own funds to foster and care for children of incarcerated parets by protecting their basic rights, ensuring they receive proper medical care, and providing education through the high school level. The children come from Beijing as well as over 16 other provinces within China.

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By Julia Zhu,

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Hope the parents can get free soon and become people of good deed, so that they can take care of the children by themselves well.

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