Fengdu Ghost City Tours – Chongqing, China

By Samantha,

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Re: Fengdu Ghost City

By Cindy Li,

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I have never been to this place, no information.
Weird dream last night.



you will not believe it. I had a dream last night, and all the characters are alive, and they looks like doing some punishment to the bad people, and i was standing there looking what they doing, but seems like they can not see me, i guess i was invisible at that time.
I think this must be the last time i went there, and saw too many of these. What should i do? Go to a temple? Hehe.
Scary butr fun place in Chongqing.

Ghost city, as long as you hear the name, you will know it`s a scary place, and full with scary stories.  When i got there, i can feel the cold and bloody atmosphere. check the pictures below.   Dont be afarid, haha !
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