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Chaotian Gate


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The confluence of the Yangtze and Jialing Rivers, northeast of Chongqing , China, Chongqing

About this place

When you at Chaotian Gate  the best thing to do is to have a yacht ride, you can feel the rivers by zero distance.
Normally the yacht ride price will be:
Chaotiangong Yacht RMB 100 (includes dinning) or RMB 80 (no dinning)
Manjianghong Yacht RMB 88 (includes dinning) or RMB 68 (no dinning)
Jinbihuihuang Yacht RMB 68

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Taste of old Chongqing.

By Kate,


If you want a taste of old Chongqing, the best place to begin is Chaotian Gate, the only remaining city gate and Chongqing`s Chief wharf on the Jialing River. Traffic is intense with freight and passenger ship docking day and night.

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