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Chinese Mystery-the imperial concubine xiangfei whose body emits fragrance

Xiangfei,called Rongfei in history,has been respected and praised in history for her contribution to maintain the peace between ethic groups.People call her Xiangfei,meaning the Fragrant concubinefor her body emitting fragrant aura since she has born.She is Qianlong Emperor's most favored concubine,and is the only one from ethic Uighur minority among all Qianlong's concubines.

About Xiangfei,there are various folk stories passed down. And the strangest thing is about the frangrant flavor from her body.Story has it that butterflies will come around her for her fragrance when she appears in the garden.It is well know that everyone emits body odour,but the body odour being so fragrant that attracts butterfly is tarely happen since Xiangfei's passing away.

Many people have studied on Xiangfei's fragrance.Some say it is caused by the special tea Xiangfei drinkds. Some point out that it is caused by the spice with Xiangfei bathes.And some argues that it is caused by Xiangfei's distinctive living environment of her childhood.However, all these views are inconvincible.For almost a thousand years,why Xiangfei's body emits fragrant aura is still a mystery.