Xiling Seal Engravers Society Tours – Beijing, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

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Xiling Seal Engravers Society


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At the foot of west Gushan Hill, West Lake, Hangzhou, China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, Beijing
Hours : 7:30 - 17:30

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Xiling Seal Engravers Society is a representative of modern historic site in West Lake landscape, and is also the earliest Chinese national academic institution on the research of epigarphy, sphragistics and seal-engraving. Founded in 1904, the 30th year of Guangxu' Reign of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), it aims to "preserve seal-cutting and conduct research into the art". The society has gathered top-grade cultural celebrities throughout China and has become the world famous folk academic society after more than a hundred years of development.

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A very literal place for refined people to get together, it's located near Xiling bridge, hence the name , it has the history of more than 100 years.
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When this society was first established in the late Qing Dynasty, the Japanese calligraphers Nagao Ko and Kawai Senro came to China across the sea and joined it. 
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Xiling Seal Society was founded in 1904. A time when the Qing Dynasty, stone research and development is at its peak. Numerous stone masters, aspiring to promote and develop cultural legacy, and seal in Hangzhou Wang Fu Temple, Ding Fu, the leaves Ming, Wu Shi et al latent together Westlake, seminars Indian science. So association in the south Xiling Qiao Gushan River, "people with print set, community to name", named "Xilingyinshe." At that time the Qing government of Hangzhou Qiantang County a...read more
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Xiling Seal Engravers Society located in West Lake, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province , it sites with a total area of 5,757. 865 square meters, built among the mountain terrain.

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