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Travel tips of Hiking Tiger-leaping Gorge

    Tourists who want to hike the  Tiger -leaping Gorge should be prudent especially in the wet season when rock falls often occurs.The temperature in the gorge can be high in the daytime;so short pants and T-shirts are necessary.Due to the surrounding high mountains it has a variable micro-climate and can suddenly cools down,so good waterproof cool weather cothing is neccessary.Also take food containing high calories because hiking is very energy-consuming.

    Bus-touring ,car and motor bike tours are convenient,but you would gain a greater appreciation of the Gorge's wonders if traveling on foot.There is an ever present danger of rocks falls in the Da Shen Gou waterfall area between the Walnut Garden and the Zhongxia Hotel.It can be very dangerous so check with locals concerning conditions.To traverse  Tiger -leaping Gorge  on foot may take 2 to 3 days(or even longer if one wants to relax and enjoy the scenery).