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Jianshui Zhu Family Garden

      There is an imposing Qing style residential complex architecture locates at Jianxin Street of Jianshui Old Town,which has long been reputed as "the Prospect Gargen of South Yunnan".

      The Zhu Family's Garden is the ancestral hall and residential house of Zhu Weiqing and his brothers,the merchants in Jianshui.The Zhu family had moved to Jianshui from east China.They owned mines and stores and they traded goods as despotic gentries.

       The construction work of the Zhu Family's Garden began during the Guangxu era of the Qing Dynasty.It took 30 years to complete the whole construction,until Xuantong era of the Qing Dynasty.

        Without a tour guide conducting the tour upon entering the gate,visitors will be easily lost and will have problem finding the exit.Then the situation will be similar to great grandma Liu entering the Prospect Garden's.