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Five Elements, profounding ancient Chinese philosophy

About the Five Elements - hope this is helpful to you.

Hi everyone, today I would like to give you some introduction about the five elements. Many Chinese believe that our world is surrounded by five elements, which include wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These five elements are constantly moving and changing around and affect our lives greatly.

Ancient Chinese associated everything in the universe with these five elements. For instance, earth is connected with growth and nourishment; sun is associated with fire; and trees are associated with wood.

The fundamental principle in this five element theory is the balance between all of them. For example, when a plant (wood) grows, it helps in keeping and generating water. Meanwhile, it is also believed that the imbalance of these five elements will cause destructive consequence. Here is an example: when wood is burned, the wood gives birth to fire, which in turn destroys the land (earth).

Now, I want to tell you something about the changes that five elements bring us. Many of you might have heard about Taichi, which is an exercise practiced by many people in different parts of the world. As you might have known, Taichi is designed based on the balance of Ying and Yang, which is part of the five elements that we just discussed. One reason that Chinese are so keen on practicing Taichi is that people believed that a series of movements will act like a self-massage which in turn helps internal organs moving in harmonious manner with one another, hence keep our bodies fit.

So much for the introduction about five element theory. I wish you find them interesting for you!