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qingcheng mountain


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Qingchengshan as one of the birthplaces of Chinese Taoism, Taoist mountains. Located in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan Province, southwest, called as "wife's father mountain", 68 km west of Chengdu, is 10 kilometers southwest of Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. Main peak is 1600 meters above sea level and old Xiao roof. Mountains in Sichuan, with the risk Jianmen, Emei the show, Kuimen the male par, the "quiet Qingcheng world" reputation. Qingcheng Mountain is a famous historical mountain and national key scenic spots, and in 2000 together with the Dujiangyan World Heritage listed as a World Heritage List. The 2008 earthquake in Qingchengshan be relatively large impact.

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