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Xiangji Temple Alley, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

About this place

Xiangji temple old name xingfu temple, later by song zhenzong named "xiangji temple". It was a famous temple -- the grand canal, this lake area ship traffic on the grand canal, is through the canal into the hangzhou hangzhou first and leave the country a temple, buddhist believers and hangjiahu area from the canal to linyin temple, tianzhu dachaoshan pilgrimages point, so she has a high status in canal and hangzhou clergy.

Xiangji temple was destroyed at the end of the war and rebuilt in 2009. Original thing two tower, now only west tower, stone castle in the eight sides nine layers imitation wooden type, step by step a tower body to receive points, in addition to the above the rail with engraved on the second floor, yu are lake stone building, Kentucky sumeru type, its each layer in turn by the flat seat on piled up, the tower, tower eaves, DaCha to the end, is partly gourd, Buddha, or scripture. Under the eaves the flat section of the family is five, and the corner section is seven. The center of each side of the tower is carved with relief on both sides.

The temple was not very large outside, but it was not very small when it went in. There were many monks in prayer and there was free incense for everyone to enter. It is worth mentioning that his family's vegetarian noodles, which are famous in hangzhou city, come up on the one side and smell the nose, and then eat a bright light with chopsticks.

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