Tao Guang Temple Tours – China, Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou

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Tao Guang Temple


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Feilaifeng Scenic Spot, Hangzhou, China , Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

About this place

Tower light temple, located in the lingyin scenic area above the waist, if by the way to the top of the mountain to go down the direction of the mountain, the first temple to enter lingyin scenic spot is the tower temple.

The couplet is 45.

The temple is built according to the mountain potential, the whole environment is relatively quiet, the location of each temple is relatively compact (compared with the yongfu temple). It is a comparison with the lingyin temple. A temple of general size.

I arrived here on the weekend, mostly free tourists, and I didn't see the tour group.

Three incense sticks are free for self-service and candles are in electronic form. The "fireworks ban" sign stands out.

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