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Former residence of Xueyan Hu


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No.18 Yuanbao street, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China

About this place

Hu is the richest man in late qing dynasty, gate humble, plain white walls, it is hard to imagine a mansion in the extremely luxurious, this huge residential communities in rectangular and have the thirteenth floor and cheese garden, pavilions, Bridges, Ming gallery dark lane clever, brick carvings, wood carvings, stone carvings, etc. No product is fine. The choice of wood is more impressive, rosewood, acid branch, nanmu, ginkgo, nanyang fir, Chinese beech and other high-grade wood, can be a late qing dynasty Chinese great business first house. Among them, the 13th floor is to be used to place many wives and concubines, separated by the wind and fire walls. Zhi yuan is the main building of its main body, at that time hangzhou has "broken the peak, like the lion forest". The rockery in the garden is the largest existing artificial cave in China. There are also dong qichang, zheng banqiao, tang bohu, wen zheng Ming and other famous calligraphic works of calligraphy, among them two rare red wooden official sedan chair is worth a look.

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