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                                             YUNNAN IS RICH NATURAL RESOURCES

Yunnan is province with the richest vatiety of plants of China,of the 30,000odd species highher plants in our courtry,over 18,000are found in Yunnan ,It ranks at the first among the 4 major forest regions by belonging to 87 families,Besides,pinus Yunnanensis,picea aspirate and for,there are also a great number of fastgrowing,rare and high qyality species of timber trees sush as Parashororea Chnensis,hopea millossima,dipterrocarpeaceae,palownia,gmelina arborea Roxbmchukrasia tabularia,mesua nagassrium,preseudotsuga sinensis,taiwania flousiane,toona ciliate roem,nanmu,tectona grandis and plerocarpus indicus wild,there are also many cash crip trees in Yunnan,sish as rubbermwalnut,verrucia fordii,chesnut,coffee and tropical fruits.the output of shellac ranks the first and that of camphor the second f Chnia.Aromatic plants number over 300 scecies,making yunnan an important base for natural aromatics production in China.Medicinal plants amount to over to 1,000 species,accounting for one-fourth of total of the country,Among the well-known valued medicinal herbsmsuch as panax pseeudo-ginseng,gastrodoa elata,Chinese angelica,evcommia ulmoides,aweto(cordceps sinesnsis),achasma Yunnanensis enjoy the best reputation,there are also a grat number of wild fungi si\uch as matsetaki,auricularia auriculajudae,"jizong' mushroom and "xianggu' mushroom,etc.Preceded by Heilongjiang,Tibet and Sichuan, Yunnan is the fourth largest timber producer in China,possessing 140 million mu of  forest land.the forest cverrage is 24% of total  land of Yunnan,the timber  reserve is one million mu if unultivavated hills and sloping grasslans suitable for arroestation and herding.the southern part of the province is eternally verdant and good for grazing thoughout the four seasons.