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Heshun old town


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Heshun scenic area, Tengchong city, Baoshan city, Yunnan, China, Tengchong, Yunnan Province, China
Hours : 07:30-19:30

About this place

Heshun old town,  a charming old town in china, which was built in Ming dynasty with a history of  600 years .  it was a important stop on the Southern silk road . 

In ming dynasty, The ming government practiced a unique policy in Yunnan :  frontier army farming- Military were send from central China, settle down and do farming in the romote area of the provinces.  many soldiers from central china settled down at Heshun , Those people were educated and was deeply influenced by confucian philosophy and who were open- minded . 400 years ago, people from Heshun Went to Burma and India to do business of Jade,  many of them were very successful business man then returned to home to build many beautiful houses and ancestral temples, because of the western culture inflence,   many of buildings was mixture of china and Europe.   decendents of the Heshun business man now live in more than 10 countries such as India, Burma , Thailand , Indonesia , Singaore, Canada and USA ... With its long history, Heshun is a famous hometown of overseas chinese.

Heshun a living fossil of ancient architecture.   Nearly 1000 old building now still be found in Heshun, 100 of them was built in Qing dynasty,  tradtional building structure such as courtyard (四合院), Zhaobi-  3 house and a reflecting wall(三坊一照壁).

When you visit  Heshun, you can visit Heshun library which is the biggest village library in China.   you will enjoy the history and the picturesque scenery of this water town in the western Yunnan.

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By JonLijiang,

Tourguide , English speaking driver ,Photographer & Business assistant

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