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Yubeng Village


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Yubeng Village, Yunling Township, Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefacture, Yunnan, China, Shangri La, Yunnan Province, China
Hours : 8:00am-4:00pm

About this place

  Yubeng, the Tibetan village locates at the foot of the Meili Snow Mountain, and it has been hailed as the real Shangri-La.

  From antient time, Meili Snow Mountain has been popular for Tibetan people to pay pilgrimage to, as the mountain is considered to be the incarnation of one of thier Gods. Every year before winter comes, the Tibetan people either travel with their families members, or monks with their fellows, pay homage to the Holy Ice Lake and the Holy Waterfall at the foot of the mountain. And Yubeng village is the only place they can stay overnight.

  Surrounded by mountains, Yubeng Village is sparsely populated because of its unique geographical situation. Since ancient times, there has only been one path that leads Yubeng Village to the outside world; therefore, only around 20 families have settled there. Yubeng Village is divided into Upper Yubeng and Lower Yubeng. From Upper Yubeng, trekkers have access to the Sino-Japanese Base Camp in Kawakarpo of Meili Snow Mountain. From Lower Yubeng, yon can find the paths to the Sacred Waterfall.

  Yubeng Village lies at the foot of the Wuzi Peak under the Niancimu Peak of Meilii Snow Mountain. With beautiful scenery and simple and honest people, Yubeng Village is a land of idyllic beauty, which attracts lots of trekkers rushing to this little village, from May to November, despite the long streneous trek people have to cover by foot, or by horses.

From Shangrila there are daily buses going to Deqin County town, and from the bus station, people have to hire minivan to Xidan village, where people can start hiking, 219 kms later, you're there.

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By Elena Luo,

Your Local Expert on the Off-Beaten Trail & Leisure Tour in Yunnan

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