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Recieving the American guests whose' father was the pilot over the Hump Routes during World War II

  These beloved guests contacted me a few months before their arrival in Kunming. They were making a special trip to follow the steps of their father who was a pilot over the hump Routes during the war time. They first traveled to the Naga Hill, Inda, visiting the airport where their father was loading the medical goods, food, weapons, which was provided by the U.S. to the Chinese army during that time.

  Before their arrival, i got in contact with the owner of the Hump Cafe in Kunming city center. And he was so kind to arrange his time to meet my clients, and shared interesting infomation together.


  We visited the old Kunming Airport where their father used to unload the stuffs, and stayed shortly between the frequent flights. We also visited the Kunming Municipal Museam, where has a memorial hall exhibiting the information and relics of Humps Routes and Flying Tiger Team, during the World War II.

  We also visited the Jiaoye Park, where has a monument memorizing the pilots over the Humps Routes. From there my lovely guests finished their pilgrimage of memorizing their beloved father. And i felt so hornered being there.

  The clients are all retired people now, shining the passion and dignity of what life can bring. The whole journey was quite emotional. Sametime it makes me wonder if the world is the chess board of God, who might be too lonely sitting there.