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Dynamic Yunnan Show


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Yunnan Art Theatre, No. 132-134, West Dongfeng Rd., Kunming, Kunming, Yunnan Province, China
Hours : 20:00-21:30

About this place

   The Dynamic Yunnan show is in Kunming city, starts at 8pm daily. Yunnan is tourism place, and there are many shows around, but Dynamic Yunnan tells the soul and the truth of people's life. It is a precious piece of art and culture. The director herself is from Dali Region, but has been invited to many countries to give performance.The whole scene strikes your eyes, ears and heart, very different from any other industrial shows.

  It is something not to miss if you are staying overnight in Kunming.

Take Bus No. K3, K13, 5, 10, 26 52, 82, 84, 116, 207, 919B1, and get off at the Yunnan Art Theatre.

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