Weibaoshan Mountain Tours – China, Yunnan Province, Dali

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Weibaoshan Mountain


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11km South-east of Weishan City, Dali, Yunnan Province, China
Hours : 08:00-18:00

About this place

Weibaoshan  mountain national forest park  is 11km southeast WeiShan county ,  total size 19 square kilometers, the main peak  is 2569 meters above sea level.

Weibaoshan mountain was listed as national forest park in 1992.  since the tang dynasty Taoist temple architecture was firstly built in Tang dynasty, more taoist temple was built in Ming and  Qing dynasty.   it is known as the fmous Taoist mountains of Yunnan province,  one of the four famous Taosim mountains in China.

The mountain worshipping festival is 2ed to 15th of Feb in chinese lunar calendor,  people of all nationaliites in the countryside is wearing their new costumes,  participate in the festival with a joyful mood.  The lunar February 13 to 14, it is annual  singing festival  also known as the carnival of  young men and women of Yi minority.



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