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Latest Tibet Travel News

Since long, mystical Tibet with its splendid landscape and sacred religion has been one of China's preferred travel destinations for a great number of visitors. Tours to Tibet this summer were also highlighted in our latest newsletter. 

As it might be well-known already, traveling to Tibet takes a little bit more preparation though. Due to the fact that an officially issued travel permit is necessary for all Tibet visitors from abroad, a little bit more time (about 2 weeks) for the tour arrangement is necessary. Rules and regulations change frequently and recently, some related news have been made public:

1. Tibet Travel Permit for Norwegians

This one is good news: travelers with a Norwegian citizenship are allowed again to enter Tibet beginning from June 2017. A diplomatic disagreement in 2010 was the reason, why travel permits weren't issued anymore for Norwegians. So, dear Norwegians, once you are ready to climb the roof of the world again, let us know, we can support you with all arrangements and organize your Tibet tour!


2. New Visiting Regulations for Potala Palace in Lhasa

Participants of group tours arranged by Chinese tour service operators like Wonders Of Yunnan Travel, can from now on (13th June 2017) only enter the Potala Palace in Tibet's capital Lhasa with group sizes of maximum 7 people. Apparently, this regulation shall lower the risks of danger and improve the people's visiting experience. Sounds good, but in practice might get a bit comlicated. Why?

For our guests, who join one of our Tibet Group Tours (min 2, max 12 participants) including a visit at the Potala Palace, this means, that if such a group is larger than 7 people in total, it would need to be split up. They would need to visit the Potala Palace separately, which in turn can have influence (delay) on the time schedule of the still following program of the day.


3. Closure of Tibet Tourism Administration in August

Last but not least, one of the biggest festivals in Tibet - the Shoton Festival - will start as every year on the 30. day of the sixth month of the Tibetan calendar. Thus, in 2017, it lasts from 21st to 27th August. During this time, most government institutions will remain closed, among them also the Tibet Tourism Administration, which is responsible for issuing the Travel Permits. Thus, if you plan to travel in September, please make sure considering that closure. Receiving the necessary documents will take 7 days longer!


Yes, we know it's not so easy getting to Tibet. But don't worry - contact us for any questions or support. Best travel time is from May to October, we are happy to provide our best services!