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Liangshan Atuleer Cliff village in China


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About this place

At the Zhiermo county of Zhaojue county in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan province which is located south west of China . Auleer village boasts an altitude of 4,600 feet.

Between the highest and lowest point of this village, there is 200meters fall. 72 families live here till . if you want to get into this village, y ou have to climb 17 vine cliff ladders on a vertical cliff. the length of two extremly vertical vine ladders is around 200 meters . the village is isolated on the mountain , it takes the local young and agile guys 1 hour to go down and 1.5h to go up between the foot and the top . and twice the time for the people from outside . that's why we call Atuleer village the cliff village . mobile signals are very weak or no signals in the village . 

there are 15 children (till 2016) who study in the primary school at the foot of the mountain. most of the time the students stay in the school , they go home twice a month during the middle and end of the month . the parents pick up the kids and try to protect them. 

to go up and down of the heaven ladders is not problem, you may lose your life if you are not careful enough. because of safty and poverty, some children in the village cannot receive education under the age for school . 

there was a ropeway between the top and the foot of the mountain , but running one time uesd a lot of electricity, the villagers cannot afford it at all. so it was removed only the heaven ladders are left.

the villagers grow corns and potatos , raise cows, sheep and pigs . as well as some peppercorns and walnuts . but because of the road conditions, it 's hard to sell out these products. 

after the report of the medias since 2016, the steel ladders were built in jun. 2017. freight ropeway was under operation since Nov. 2017. there are stong signal towers for mobiles . wifi. till now , one Chengdu travel enterprise has entered the village and aim to develop it for toursim. 

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