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Jianmen Pass


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Jianmen Town, Jian'ge County.Guangyuan, Guangyuan, Sichuan Province, China
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About this place

Jianmen Pass is located at an opening in the middle section of Mt.Dajian which contines for hundreds of miles . The sword-like peaks form a natural barrier and give i many strategic and geographic advantages. In the history the pass has witnessed more than 100 battles, and welcomed over ten emperors as well as countless men of letters, who left behind 4000 artworks prasing if after their visit . Relying on the natural barrier, Jiang Wei, a general of the Shu Kingdom successfully defended a hundred thousand soldiers of the Wei Kingdom from entering the pass. Existing sites include the memorial site where Zhugeliang set the pass , sncient temples, precious inscribed tablets, as the well-known "Four sceneries of Jianmen '( drizzle of Jianmen 松涛, whistling sounds of wind bloing through pines (at Liangshan Temple) . afterglow of cliffs and snow covering Cuiyun Corridor) and 'Four spectacles of Jianmen " ( Stone Statue of Jiangwei, thousand-year -old Chinese redbud, evergreen pine and firtree and stalagmite in Mt.Jianshan )


Jianmen Pass is a major part of the National 5A tourist attraction Jianmen Shu Road. it is also it was 2300 years ago when five strong men called Five Ding cleared the way for offense in the Pre-Qin days. The well-known sentences " if one man guards the pass, then thousand are unable to get through" and "  it is easy to climb to heaven than to take the Shu Road "( which is from Libai's poet , were made to describe this steep and  rough pass. Jianmen Pass is regarded as one of the " Four Spectacles of Sichuan" , the other three being the Elegant Mt.Emei, secluded Mt.Qingcheng and the magnificent Jiuzhaigou .  


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