Shangrila town Tours – China, Sichuan Province, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Daocheng

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Shangrila town


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About this place

Shangrila town is 73 km away from Daocheng county . 10 minutes drive to Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve 

it was Riwa town , in 2002 Yunnan Zhongdian County registered the name " Shangri-la " . It caused a stir in Sichuan province, in 2003 Daocheng County changed the name Riwo into Shangrila town, after that there are two places in China called Shangri-la : Yunna Shangri-La county and Sichuan Daocheng Shangla town . 

Shangri-La town has 32 villages, 461 families and 2800 people. 

it is a good choice to stay here for the night while you visit Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve . with the altitude 2900 meters , it is much more comfortable compared to Yading village (3900m ) 

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