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Yading Daocheng in Kham


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Yading Kham, Daocheng, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, China
Hours : 9:00AM--7PM

About this place

Yading scenic area is located in Daocheng county Ganzi Tibetan prefecture Sichuan province. It's know as"The soul of Shangri-la". Beacause it is located at  the centre of Shangri-la's Eco-tourism.and is a provincial and national-level nature reserve. It was listed as the Man and Bioshere nature reserves by UNESCO in 2003 and the three anow capped peaks og Yading were praised as one of the ten famous mountain ranges in China in 2005.Yading also was chosen as one of themost beautiful place in China. with its combination if magnificent highlight ecology. peculiar glacier physiognomy,Strong Tibetan Buddism and colorful customs of Khamba<Kangba> show all of Shangri-la's characteristics of "Calm, peace,purity and mystery". Yading has been kept as the most complete and pristine natural ecosystem in the country.

   The key part os Yading's scenery is its three snow capped peaks. their history can be traced to the Buddist world where there are twenty-four fammous holy land. in which Yading's peaks are elevanth.In the 8th century ,the great master padmasambhava gave thre holy names to the peaks: The north peak is Xiannairi, is Avaloktesvara Boddisattva<6032 meters above sea-level>. The south peak:Yangmaiyong is Manjusri bodhisattva<5958 meters above sea-level>. The East peak: Xianuoduoji, is Vajrapani Bodhisattva<5958 meters above sea- level>.

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