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Bike Riding User Guide in China

Public bikes in  China is very popular 

how to ride a public bike in China ? here is the  guiding tips : 

1 Preparation 

download the App and register by your phone number 

you can also follow Ofo's official wechat account to borrow one. or you can use mobike by wechat's mini program 

Real name registrations : 

passport registration is available for people without a Chinese ID card. you can input in your name ,certificate number, nationality and upload a photo of your passport ID page and a photo of your holding the passport. 

2. Deposit and Prepay 

Ofo :99 rmb for deposit, top up 20, 50. or 100 RMB to your account.

Blugogo: 99 RMB for deposit. p ay after using.

Mobike: 299  RMB for deposit

Top up 1-100 RMB to your account 

( pay by wechat  or Alipay ) 

3 Fare 

Ofo: 0.5 RMB/h for teachers or students. 

        1RMB for 30m for other users 

Bluegogo :0.5 RMB for 30 m

Mobike : 1 RMB for 30m