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Bai Lu French Church


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Bailu Town, Pengzhou county, Chengdu , Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Hours : 8:00am-9:00pm Mon-Sunday

About this place

Bailu tourist attraction, located in northwestern sichuan province Bailu township Peng Zhoucity, deep in the longmen mountains. Bailu tourist attraction has beautiful elegance of the green peaks andgreen water, and magnificence, constructing peculiar glacial boulder klippe, and the differences, intertwining large water-eroded cave. Bailu township, mountains green water show, the air is fresh, pleasant climate. In mountainous overlapping, ravines crossbar, Bailu river like a white build running tunnel from north to south, on both sides of the green peaks relatively out, graceful, Bailu top like a JuZhong abrupt between mountains, majestic steep klippe, various water-eroded cave, the longmenshan geopark dress up unripe brightness.

First of all, take a shuttle bus to Pengzhou county from Chengdu Wukuaishi bus terminal about 1 hour, then take a shuttel bus to Bailu town from Pengzhou bus terminal about 1.5 hous.

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