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Xiling Snow Mountain

Xiling Snow Mountain, with base snow often accumulating up to 60cm, winter recreational activities including skiing, snowmobiling, snake-shaped skibob, snow tubing, snow pulley, snow saucer, snow speed-boat and dog & horse pulled sleighs are all readily for visitors enjoyment.

The Xiling Mountain area observes four distinctive seasons. An abundance of floral beauty encapsulates the mountain during spring, when Azalea and the dove-like Davidia Involucrata are in full bloom. More than 30 species of Azalea stretch for miles across the landscape with each variety blossoming in turn between April & August to present visitors with a most wonderful vista, a virtual sea of flowers. As the mountain takes on a grassland appearance during the mild summer months (max.temp 25℃) it becomes first choice for many summer holiday makers and convention organizers seeking an idyllic location in the suburbs of Chengdu.

The autumn colours of the mountain are almost indescribable in dazzling beauty, a vivid canopy of oranges, reds, yellows, browns and golds conspire to bring an unforgettable vision to all setting eyes upon this annual wonder of nature. As the birds begin their migration to warmer climates, some favorite Snow Mountain attractions include the Panda Woods, Cloud Observation Deck, Yin-Yang Boundary, and the Sun-Moon Platform.

Sichuan's Xiling Snow Mountain is located in Dayi County, approximately 95km from downtown Chengdu. Covering an area of 375km2, the mountain is a world natural heritage location, a habitat for giant pandas, an AAAA tourist attraction and a very important national scenic spot. The name, Xiling (western mountain) is taken from the very well-known Chinese Tang Dynasty poet "Du Fu's" poem My window frames the snow-crowned western mountain scene; my door oft bids farewell to eastward-going ships. At 5,353-meter the mountain peaks of Xiling, the highest in Chengdu, can be covered with snow throughout the year.