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Sichuan opera
Sichuan opera


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Sichuan opera is traditionally enjoyed in a tea house atmosphere, where the audience can relax with tasty snacks and hot tea while enjoying the boisterous performance. Shufengyayun Tea House, one of Chengdu's best, is located in the Chengdu Culture Park near Qingyang Temple, a famous Taoist abbey, Wuhou Ancestral Temple and Dufu's Cottage.

The building is in the style of Sichuan's rustic Old West Shu Country and is the perfect backdrop for the ancient Chinese dramatic art of bian lian (face changing), a highlight of the show. Watch the performers in their brightly colored costumes as they move to the quick, dramatic music. Their faces are hidden by vividly colored masks which can change in a split second, turning from joy, to fear, to anger in a matter of moments. It is a dramatic combination of music, song and dance that transcends cultural barriers.

In addition to face changing, you'll also enjoy other performances ranging from euphonious folk music played on traditional Sichuanese instruments such as the Gao Hu, Jin Qian Ban and Suo Na, to other Sichuan Opera favorites such as Gong Fu opera "On the Way to the Wedding", comedy "Rolling Light", and stick-puppet show "The Beauty of the World".

All programs are designed to amaze and delight and despite the stifling Chengdu heat, expect an enthusiastic response from the audience with cheers and laughters throughout.

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