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Renmin Park

You have probably heard people say that visiting a historic Chinese park is one of the best ways to experience authentic Chinese culture. Fortunately, one of the oldest, and most famous parks is conveniently located in the heart of Chengdu. Renmin Park, also known as People's Park, is a recognzied historical site that amongst other things happens to host the oldest teahouse in Chengdu, the Remin Park Teahouse. Like a great many visiters, you may want to mix it up with the locals, get involed, experience Chengdu with a native eye, well Renmin Park will have your wishes come true. Park activites begin at the crack of dawn (6am) when the park opens, and continue until its close at 2am. An entrance fee of 2 CNY is unbelievably cheap, consideraing the clolourful, and free enteratianment to be seen at nearly every turn. Entertainment in which you may readily participate, or simply enjoy, and savor the moment.

  • Tai Chi and Dancing - Early mornings and late nights, you'll see large crowds gather together to peform traditional Tai Chi, and various styles of Chinese dance. These activities are guided by leaders who provide music and instruction to the masses. Locals are more than willing to be joined by newbies and foreigners alike, so if you are not feeling shy, join the party!
  • Pedal Boat - Hire a pedal boat to take you around the small lake and get different vantage points of the many activies that take place during all hours of the day. This is one of the most relaxing things you can do, and also a great way to get some really good pictures.
  • Fortune Tellers - You'll likely come across a number of fortune tellers that will  be more than happy to tell you absolutely anything you want to know about your future! While we can't vouch for their accuracy, it is an interesting experience for 80-100 CNY, but for peace of mind, perhaps it might be better to have a good translator present.
  • Children's Park - Children gather and play near the bonsai garden all day long, chasing eachother in an out of the small trees and jungle gyms that are found close to this area. 

If that all sounds a little too much like hard work, then find a quite space, sit, relax, read your mails, or go retro and take time to turn a few pages of the book brought along for places just like this. 

And of course, you will always find a seat on which to sit, and savour an authentic "Chinese tea" at an authentic Chinese Teahouse. The pavilion area is constructed in old-style architechture that makes for a unqiue, memorable, and usually photographic experience.

English Address:  No.12 Shaocheng Road

Buses to Main Park Entrance: No. 4-5-13-14-29-47-53-64-78-98
Buses to West Park Entrance: No. 29-53-93-94-340
Buses to East Park  Entrance: No.  4-30-43-57-81
Buses; Hours of Operation: 6am to 10:30pm
Buses ticket price; 2 CNY/person

Subway: Line 2 to Peoples Park Station
Subway Hours of Operation: 6am to 10:30pm
Subway Tcket Price: 2 to 5 CNY