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How to set up Sichuan Local Green Code: Tianfu Health Code

What is Tianfu Health Code?

It's a personal QR Code that proves you are healthy and you use to go through checks at ariports, train stations, bus stations, shopping malls etc, in Sichuan Province during the pandemic. It is a widely recognized health proof by authorities in Sichuan at most places.

How to set up Tianfu Health Code
Step 01: Have Wechat on your phone and use wechat to scan the QR code[1] to the sign up page[2]. (may need to scrow down). You can choose the interface in English[3].
Step 02: Fill in your personal Information, choose foreigner.
Step 03: Succeed and wait for 24 hours.

After 24 hours you should have a green QR code [2].


01. You may need to re-declare this when you change location or travel to other places outside of Chengdu. Please save the [1] code.
02. At times you will be required to show your Tianfu Health Code by entering places such as hospitals, shopping malls, etc. You are recommended to do this on your wechat so to quickly find them when you need to use it. It is a wechat app looks like [5].

You are welcome to contact Alex for the newest updates on rules of traveling in Sichuan or if you have any issues regarding declaration of this code.