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Sichuan Trekking/Hiking Guide: Minya Konka, Siguniang, Daocheng Yading

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Jiuzhaigou, Huanlong and Mt. Siguniang open to foreigners from May 2021

-updated on 03rd May-

Jiuzhaigou Park, Mt. Siguniang Parks and Huanglong Park, Dagu Glacier Park are open to foreign travelers from May 2021.

Offcial news from Parks of Jiuzhaigou and Siguniang that after almost a year and half closure to foreign travlers, now re-open to foreigners.

Requirements on visiting Jiuzhaigou Park, Huanlong Park, Siguniang Parks and Dagu Glacier Park:

01. Foreigners who live/work in China and has proof of residence/work.
02. Local Tianfu health QR green code.
03. Tickets can only be booked through certain channels. I can book tickets for you. The following information are required to make bookings:
a, full name shown on passport;
b, passport number;
c, cellphone number;
d, park/parks name;
e, exact visiting date/dates;
f, bookings of tickets must be made 7 days prior to your visiting date.

Please note the parks of Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Dagu Galcier and Mt. Siguniang are under the same company management, the official information may vary on exact requirements from each park. There is no require on a a covid test to enter these parks but foreigner travelers who have taken vaccination or covid test please bring such proof with you as it may be helpful as this news is also new to many park workers.

Camping trips to Mt. Siguniang will require an additional covid test within 7 days.

Checking hotels in Siguniang will also require a covid test within 7 days.