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Vanca's Ribs & Bulgarian BBQ


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427 Dagu Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai, China
Hours : 5:30pm - 10;30pm Mon-Fri; 11:00am - 2:00pm & 5:30pm - 11:00pm Sat-Sun

About this place

The only Bulgarian restaurant in all China. Vanca's is actually the name of the Chef Ivan aka Vanka. He is a Blgarian native, very experienced and formally working at the Bulgarian embassy. The atmosphere is formal, expect good wines and cheeses from Bulgaria, loads of meat dishes on the menu to choose from. Try the Shopska salad, it a must. They got homemade yogurt as well, while yogurt and white cheese are the most characteristic and famous Bulgarian products, which represent our country around the world, other meals such as cheverme, bob chorba and shopska salad also deserve attention. Tarator is a Bulgarian cold soup consisted of yogurt, cucumbers, water and spices. The arguments about its origins are severe as the Greeks believe that we (Bulgarians) stole their salad (made of yogurt and cucumbers only) and just added some extra water in it. Bulgarian salad is prepared of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, fresh parsley and grated white cheese. Season dressing vegetable oil(vegetable oil), wine or cider vinegar (if wanted) can be added. We decorate the salad with grated cheese and sprig with fresh parsley, black olives or little hot pepper. The dish is served mainly in the summer and combines very well with chilled traditional Bulgarian spirits such as rakia. The wines served at Vanca's restaurant are from Château Burgozone, one of the few Bulgarian wineries located in immediate proximity to their own vineyards. It is perched on the very bank of the Danube River, over the picturesque island of Esperanto, it bears the name and the spirit of the Roman fortress which was situated on the border of the vineyard complex and provided protection to the Roman Empire from the North. It is located in the vicinity of the town of Oryahovo on loess soils, with geographic coordinates similar to those of Tuscany, Côtes du Rhône and Bordeaux, with as ideal ecological conditions as those world-famous European wine producing regions. So give this place a try, and remember to mention where you found about this place.

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