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Vanca's Ribs & Bulgarian BBQ

Vanca's is a Bulgarian Shef restaurant in the heart of Shanghai. Shef Ivan Tsekov is happy to help you order and select for you prime wines from Bugaria. Bulgarian cuisine is a mixure of Balkan food, with nuances from the Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines, lots of cheese, yogurt and meat. Shef Ivan, originally from Bulgaria, has travelled the world and the seven seas, and so he likes to blend all the flavours to achive great taste. Bulgarian cuisine shares a number of dishes with the middle east as well as a limited number with the Indian. The culinary exchange with the East started as early as the 7th century, when traders started bringing herbs and spices to the First Bulgarian Empire from India and Persia via the Roman and later Byzantine empires. This is evident from the wide popularity of dishes like moussaka, gyuvetch, kyufte and baklava, which are common in Middle Eastern cuisine today. White brine cheese called "sirene" (сирене), similar to feta, is also a popular ingredient used in salads and a variety of pastries.