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Qibao Ancient Town crab meat dumpling restaurant


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No.15 north street, Qibao ancient town, Shanghai, China
Hours : 9:00am-6:00pm

About this place

It is a old restaurant which is famous for the crabmeat dumpling. The dumpling there is very delicous with the soup inside . It is located at the ancient town Qibao food street. 

The wrap of the dumpling is very thin and the soup inside taste very fresh. Lots of tourrist come here to taste the dumplings.  

There are lots of choice of order, the most famous one is called :the emperor crab meat dumpling, cost about 30 yuan.

It is a small restaurant, with only about 10 tables, most of people oeder and take out. But there is a pavillion beside the canal, where people can sit.

Subway take the line 9 to "QIBAO STATION" ,and get out at exit 2. Walk about 5 minute to get there.

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