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No.618 Xujiahui road,Shanghai, Shanghai, China
Hours : 10:00am-6:00am

About this place

It is a Chinese style karaoke. it is a place of party place for a group of people. And it is a good place for party ,especially for the nightlife. 

There are diffrent kinds of rooms, small one, bigger one and suits. If it is a group of one to 6 people, small gourp is enough. It is more than 6 and less than about 10 people, the bigger one is enough. And the suit for the big gourp party. 

There are lots of songs you can oder, including diffrent kinds of languages like English and Japaness. The sound is good, and you can enjoy the time there the whole night. 

You can order the food there. There are diffrent kindf of wines and beers , with food and fruit also.

Take the subway to "Da Pu Qiao " Road.

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