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Tai Dong Night Market


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Tai Dong 3rd Road, Qingdao, Shandong Province, China
Hours : 5:00PM-10:00PM

About this place

It's a very popular night market located in Qingdao Tai Dong 3 Road Pedestrian Street, where all kinds of small commodities everything, bustling, the night there will be a variety of food options.

Tai Donng night market is the most lively, after 5 o'clock in the summer, all kinds of small vendors pushing a unique car gathered there, basically everyone can Amoy to their own things, the night market is very easy to find, in Tai Dong East Road, beside McDonald's door.

Tait Dong snack street, along the Wan Da Plaza, is the snack street gathered above the snacks around the country, where you must eat is roasted squid, and must be onion explosion, so that there will be no smell.

There are beer streets near Taitung, but there are all kinds of beer, the whole night when the whole street is to drink beer, especially spectacular.

Bus 2, 320, 307, 301, or 218  to the [Nineteen High School] station

Metro: 1 or  2 to the  [tai dong] station

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