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Western Xia Tombs


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East Foot of Helan Mountain, West 35 Km from Yinchuan, Yinchuan 750200, China, Yinchuan, Ningxia Region, China

About this place

Xixia wang ling is located at the east foot of helan mountain, about 30 kilometers west of yinchuan city, ningxia hui autonomous region. It is the royal cemetery of the xixia dynasty. In 53 square kilometers of land, there are nine the mausoleum of hadrian, 253 buried tomb, is China's largest existing, ground site one of the most complete imperial tombs, is known as "a mysterious miracle", the "Oriental pyramid".

Xixia was a feudal dynasty founded by the qiang ethnic group in the early 11th century. From 1038, li yuanhao was proclaimed emperor in xingqing prefecture (yinchuan city). In 1227, he was destroyed by Mongolia. In the history, he lived for 189 years and experienced 10 emperors. Its territory "east of the Yellow River, the west side, yumen, south Xiao Guan, BeiKong desert, where more than", the height of an area of about 83 square kilometers, including most of today in ningxia, gansu, Inner Mongolia eastern western, northern shaanxi, qinghai, xinjiang, large areas of eastern and southern republic of Mongolia. In the early period, the northern song and the liao were evenly divided, and the middle and later dynasties and the southern song and the jin were all set up, which was described as "one of The Three Kingdoms, the two hundred years of the northwest".

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