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Yaobang Hu Former Residence


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Cangfang Village, Zhonghe Town, Liuyang 410315, China 0731-3780021, Liuyang, Hunan Province, China

About this place

Hu yaobang's home in liuyang city, hunan province in the east direction, into a hilly area, the terrain gradually increased. It is more than 40 kilometers away from liuyang city. Hu yaobang's former residence is a typical hunan peasant buildings, sits, Chinese style tile and brick structure, it is said that the reign of xianfeng, qing dynasty established, this rate has a history of more than 140 years for hunan province key cultural relics protection units. On November 20, 1915, hu yaobang was born in the ordinary residence of zhonghe mountain and spent his childhood and boyhood. He began his studies with excellent results and accepted the revolutionary truth under the influence of local progressives. In 1930, at the age of 15, hu yaobang said goodbye to his hometown and embarked on the revolutionary road with the red army of the workers and peasants. In January 1963, when hu yaobang was the secretary of the CPC hunan provincial committee and the first secretary of xiangtan land committee, he made a short stay in the liuyang rural investigation. In 1995, in the superior leadership and importance to the departments concerned, the former residence in accordance with the original repair, rehabilitation display the boyhood home, parents and brother hu yaobang's housing, main hall, the transverse hall, sitting room, kitchen, etc., and opening to the outside world. In January 1996, the former residence was designated as hunan provincial cultural relic protection unit. In 1998, hu yaobang was added to the exhibition. Since 1999, it has carried out comprehensive environmental protection and construction planning with the support of the superior government and competent authorities, and will gradually implement various supporting venues and facilities. In April 2002, the former residence was designated as the patriotic education base of hunan province. Hu yaobang, former general secretary of the communist party of China (CPC) central committee, is located in the village of liangfang in liuyang city, hunan province. The former residence was built in the xianfeng period of the qing dynasty, with the north facing south, the small green tile and the civil structure, which is the typical architectural style of liuyang rural residential buildings in the late qing dynasty. It is an inverted concave type layout with a total area of 450 square meters and a total of 19 rooms, including the former residence of hu yaobang from the west of the central axis, and hu's family home in the east.

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