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Your tour guide in Wuhan,Hubei Provicne

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Your tour guide in Wuhan, Hubei Province

Wuhan, my hometown, boasts of the long histories and gourmet ghettos with different types of local delicacies featuring spicy flavor scattered across corners and alleys. Having been a citizen in Wuhan for over 20 years enables me to be farmilar with almost all the scenic spots and some stories behind them. Majored in English, I have been a member of various foreign exchange programs. As a foodie, a search for the local food with me will satisfy your taste bud and add unexpected pleasure for your journey. Being a backpacker myself, I have been on a tour to Southeast Asia for near a month and have travelled many places across China therefore I am experienced in travelling arrangement if kept informed of itinerary detail. Hope i can see you in Wuhan.