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I worked as the Business guide and Assistant for my Indian client Devesh

I worked as the business interpreter for my client Seldon O Young, who is the producer of the movie; and I showed him around in Hongkong and went to the toy Fair in HK exhibition and convention center.

 I worked as the Business guide and Assistant for my Indian client Devesh for his glass frames business. we visited more than 10 suppliers. I worked as the interpreter and sourcing guide for my indian client manish find the best suppliers for his wireless counter, wireless counter, wireless counter.

 I worked as the interpreter and biz Assistant for my USA client who are from the sculpture company, I help them with the sculpture installation work in the Shenzhen villa areas.

 I worked as the business guide for my client Shemirani for his biz of the electronics components. I worked as the biz guide and Assistant for my client Arie from switzerland in Shanghai and Jiangsu provinces and we visited lots of the big factories in Led fields.

I worked as the biz guide and interpreter for my indian client Raju in Shenzhen coastal city. He started a new company in Shenzhen. I show my UK clients Prab in Hongkong, we went to many places in Hongkong. I organized many simultaneous interpreters for a big event. simultaneous interpreters provider michelle. simultaneous interpreters provider Michelle. for his glass frames business. we visited more than 10 suppliers. Shenzhen good glass frames suppliers. Shenzhen good glass frames suppliers.

Sep, I worked as the interpreter, tour guide, sourcing guide for my client from South afria and we travelled in Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shanghai, Suzhou, shenzhen, Hongkong. Her biz is event table decor, tableware and catering, luxury invitations, artificaial topiary, bed linen of excellent quality, cotton and silk, luxury event furniture. we had so happy time when we travelled and visited lots of suppliers. it is a wonderful biz fun trip. hah, my client they are fond of shopping and we went to many outlets shopping mall during this time.

June, I went to the Bali indonisia and KL Maylasia with my friends, we enjoy ourselves a lot: ) nice view, Spa, nice food, surfing, swimming; see the sunrise and sunset; drive around. worked as the Interpreter and Tour guide for the USA clients. LCD biz. worked as the guide for the Amber Biz. tour guide in Hongkong; and Zhuhai and Guangzhou. Tour guide my friends in Hongkong for 1 week; explained the Hongkong culture to my friend. tour guide in Shenzhen, we Dafen Painting Oil village and have the good Spa in East Oct.

I worked as the assistant for my USA client to assit booking meals for staff for the Intel Deleloper Forum 15 which was held in Shenzhen. I show my client Hongkong, we went to several sightseeing sport, Hongkong zoological and Botannical Gardens, Hongkong wetland Park. I worked; the assistant for my regular client from Greece for his tablet Pc and case business. i worked as translator for my USA client in Shenzhen for his jewelry business Amber. i found him a lot of big buyers. i worked as the assiant for my belgium Client to inspect the factory of the Selfistickers. I bought the pin from the famous electronic market for my client for his vedio greeting cards business.

Michelle, I was so happy and lucky myself to find you while I was in a Kowloon hotel wondering how to make the best out of the two days I had available. You arrived promptly two hours after that intial contact and took me on a wonderful tour to many diverse places. The Big Buddah was a great first tour though it was foggy the experience was very surreal and mystical. Next stop- was a great ride around the cliffs of the Island of Hong Kong to Stanley market where we enjoyed the scenery at dusk as well as a pint of Guiness in one of the quaint pubs. To cap off the evening we proceeded across the bay to Kowloon to the most amazing seafood market I ever experienced. It was more like a world class aquarium exhibit! We chose a gigantic lobster and two crabs cooked to perfection by an adjacent restaurant. Amazing! Day two was a fantastic mix of walking the streets, taking multiple ferries and even hiking the serene hillsides of the Island Lamma. Although it was a quick 20 minute ferry ride it felt as though we were hundreds of miles from the bustle of Hong Kong. There, we enjoyed more awesome fresh seafood and a scenic hike(30 minute) to the other side of the Island where we departed in another ferry back to the city. You knew right where to take me to locate some goods I wanted to take home and then we ended the adventure in a Japanese restaurant savoring Sushi! I hope to return and book another longer tour in mainland China with you HappyLuckyMichelle! You are the Best Thanks!

show my friend in Hongkong. He is from USA and his name is Carmody. The first day, we went to the Big Budda and it was very foggy day and then we went to Stanley market, had a drink. after thatwe went to Liyumen Seafood Street, we ordered the big king lobster and big sea red crab. we had lots of fun and enjoy ourselves so much. The second day, we went to Lamma Island, from Yung Shue Wan walk to Sok Kwu Wan. This is a very popular path on the island, a direct and concrete path lying between Yung Shue Wan and Sok Kwu Wan. It takes approximately one hour and 30 minutes for walking at a normal pace. You can take the ferry to Yung Shue Wan in the morning. Yung Shue Wan is inhabited by foreigners who enjoy its natural scenery and its serenity. when we back, we taked a walk in Kowloon park.