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Hong Kong has changed a lot in the last 25 years. I was there last time in 1992 and the flight path of the old airport went right through the city. Hong Kong has a lot to offer. In Soho there are art and photo galleries and the city is a shopping epicenter. Even antiquities can be found . Food is awesome and it seems people in Hong and also China eat all the time. Public transportation is very well developed and it is easy to get around . At night I used mostly taxis but during the day time the subway is just fast and more convenient. Hong Kong is the New York of the Far East. It is a financial hub, the city is densely populated and people are stressed out. Hong Kong is also a gateway to China. A two hours train ride away is Guangzhou. Easy to reach and not really expensive. Guangzhou is actually worth a day trip if you have a China visa. Hong Kong is a tourist attraction and a gateway to Asia at the same time. Go visit; its worth it.